Luigi Franchi Brescia Shotgun Parts
Franchi, luigi gun model and pricing information. and located in brescia, no part of this information may be reproduced in any form whatsoever, weight.  

april 16

Yes i'm looking for a part for my luigi franchi brescia made in italy 12 gage sporting 2000. it is an ejector hammer (leftside) does anyone know where i can find one.

Nov 30, 2010 · where can i find parts for a luigi franchi brescia 12 gauge semi auto shotgun 20 gauge shotgun m550cd franchi model 48 al parts ) fix-o-meter 174.
Is there a parts diagram for a s.p.a luigi/franchi/bres cia 12 ga #b25980? law 12-luigi franchi s.p.a. brescia gun price in pakistan: habitual - succor.
I have a l.a. luigi franchi brescia, ser # 093634. i have no idea what this gun is, model #, parts available?, or spec breakdown. i sure could use some help. any info.  
Try, gun shops, gun shows, internet searches, want ads.
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